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There are three general rules of using our web site that become effective as soon as you register.

Rule №1. Publishing on YingYangMap, you must not violate moral and ethical norms of our audience.

While publishing remember: you actually create the social image of a city, a person, an organization or company that you mention in the story at that very moment. And do not forget about your own image.

Rule №2. When you publish or share information acquired from YinYangMap you must not violate the laws of the country that you mention in the story.

The user bears the responsibility for any information he may upload or make available to the public (publish) via YinYangMap.

The YinYangMap authors do not bear any responsibility for the information published on YinYangMap by the third parties.

Rule №3. Try not to break grammar rules when publish on YinYangMap. There are some guidelines for writing an article also – try to stick to them when publish on YinYangMap.

The YinYangMap administration has the right (but not the obligation) to decline the publishing/registration or remove any content on the YinYangMap in their sole discretion.

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