People's stories that create the city image

About the project

YinYangMap * «People's stories that create the city image» - was conceived as a game, and have turned out as an excellent feedback system between people living and working in the cities and the people who make crucial decisions for them. Service works on the Internet and gives people the opportunity to evaluate the world through the use of provided public opinion. We would like to call it «the social indicator» of the public opinion which is based on Universal human values.

People can share their own stories about life, read someone else's stories and vote for them. Our service collects, process and provides the structured data of public opinion on the Internet.

Interactive map and the indicator will allow users to easily see the ratio of good and bad in our world.

Today when billions of people have social accounts on the internet, it is the best time to take advantage of this situation and detect public opinion, detect trends of our life and evaluate the world.

It must be remembered that anyone who posting or voting on YinYangMap really influences:

  • establishment of a public image and rating of the cities and as a result, the image of the countries;
  • creating and supporting the image and rating of particular people, as well as companies and organizations;
  • the development of society, giving an additional incentive in the form of public opinion to make positive actions.

People continue to perform feats, make discoveries, create works of art. We plan to publish best and brightest stories in a separate annual issue.

And also we will sum up the year with the release of the results of the most visited public ratings, such as the best / worst country, the city, or the rating of the best stories, ideas and their authors. Trend will indicate in which direction the public opinion will change.

Our service YinYangMap has the doctrine of the development and improvement of society and the individual. The YinYangMap is meant to become a creative instrument. So we'd like to see how our planet will change in a year or two years. It is this comparison will be the key test for the project.

* The site authors translated the name «YinYangMap» as «the map of good and evil» woven from the stories of people creating the image of the city.